“Combining innovation and environmental commitment”

Audrey Guillemain – Associate, Consumer Insights

Why bulk? 

Because it’s the best way to avoid generating unnecessary waste! I’ve been using bulk products on a daily basis for the past 5 or 6 years. This practice came about when I changed where I lived and, therefore, where I shopped.
When I moved to the Grenoble area, I discovered one of the region’s major organic retailers and spent more and more time in the bulk aisles…    

Why Packtic?  

The objective appealed to me. I saw the opportunity to do my bit in the fight against packaging thanks to my skills and know-how in food marketing: I know the needs and constraints of brands and product managers, and keep a close eye on market trends and consumer needs.

I also liked the idea of working in a small team, with the agility and responsiveness that this allows. And I already knew Nadège: I knew that by joining her new project, we’d really be giving ourselves the means to do what we said we’d do.

The proposal we are putting forward is innovative, both in terms of its digital aspect and the audiences concerned. It will help to remove many of the obstacles to the use of bulk products, for all players in the chain: brands, points of sale and consumers.

Your bulk ritual?

Managing my grocery drawer with recycled glass jars, decanting stock, cleaning jars, replacing labels….

Your bulk item?

My jam jars in which I store my teas, especially my Assam Tea leaves (a black tea produced in India, editor’s note). I discovered this tea 20 years ago, when I was studying in Grenoble, in a small store near Place Saint-Bruno. Its taste was a revelation for me, compared to all the pre-packaged sachets I used to buy. I even bought a reusable filter back then!
Without the spectacle of seeing the leaves open up in the water, then the pleasure of taking several sips from the first cup, I can’t start my day…

You before Packtic…

I studied business at ESC Grenoble (now GEM, editor’s note), with a year’s internship at Kronenbourg in my native Alsace, where I discovered sales channels, marketing and the importance of developing an offer tailored to each customer. It reinforced my desire to defend good products, local know-how and brands rooted in a particular region. I already knew that I wanted to give meaning to my work.

After graduating, I went on to specialize in food marketing (market research, brand positioning, international expansion, development of complementary sectors, etc.), focusing on products with a strong regional identity. I also did a stint in sales: I wanted to know the whole chain, from research and development in the marketing/promotion departments to concrete application in the field, when it comes to convincing a fleet of stores and customers.

In 2016, I set up my own business to go further in what’s close to my heart: eating well, valuing and respecting good produce (made in good conditions), more respectful consumption. One of my first assignments was to take part in the Transfo Festival, where I realized that it was possible to build a bridge between the digital and food sectors.