Bulk department management

An easy and high-performance solution for your shop!


Digital traceability

Easily digitize your traceability entries and do away with paper notebooks!
Scan our QR codes affixed to your dispensers, then scan the supplier label. Possibility of remote entry in the event of a faulty internet/wifi network.
All traceability information is instantly recorded in your digital traceability notebook, accessible at any time.

Batch management

Monitor batches and lifespans of products on the shelves in real time.
Anticipate batch ends to apply promotions and reduce markdowns, and quickly remove non-conforming batches.

Cleaning plan

Schedule and record dispenser cleaning.
Automate operators’ cleaning tasks on identified dispensers.
Record cleaning operations and associated protocols.
Record any incidents.

Markdown and Order List

Shrinkage: record product breakages.
Order list:
save time on supplier orders.

Shelf-space surveys

Measure your holding rate, map your prices.


Monitor statistical indicators from the bulk department in real time: product rotations, customer scans, markdowns, incidents, etc.
Manage your fleet and operators.

Consumer information

Provide your customers with comprehensive information and let them keep it at home, for a better bulk experience!

Dynamic information from the supplier database:
– Name, brand
– Labels and origins
– Composition, allergens
– Nutritional values
– Best before date and batch number
– Directions for use and storage
– Recipes…

Easy access whatever the purchase path:
– by scanning the QR code on the shelf
– or by scanning the container label (if you have a connected scale)
– or by scanning your receipt (with application)

Why a (free) Mon Étagère consumer application?
Because it’s the surest way to ensure perfect traceability (in the event of a product recall) and to activate your customers (mechanical rewards for bulk & reuse, commitment to your brand).
Connect our app to your loyalty program.

solution traçabilité digitale vrac
solution gestion rayon vrac statistiques

The benefits


regulatory assured

Up to 50% time saving

time savings



Objective laws

AGEC / Climate & Resilience


Easy to handle
and autonomy


Quick to set up
and IT integration


Dedicated customer
support staff

10,000 products

already referenced