Digital packaging for bulk & reuse

Offer a higher level of information than pre-packaged at no additional cost!

Free features

More than a simple dematerialization, this digital packaging dedicated to unpackaged products (bulk, returnable containers) is a new tool at the service of quality and marketing, enabling you to control traceability and product information all the way to your consumers!

With nearly 10,000 products used by equipped stores, your products are surely already present on Packtic.
Take control of your product information now:
it’s free! 

Shared product data sheets

Keep control over the information about your bulk products distributed at points of sale and to consumers via our QR codes and the Mon Étagère consumer application.

  • Import your product files en masse.
  • Complete and update them in real time for all sales outlets.

Easy access whatever the purchase path:
– by scanning the QR code on the shelf
– or by scanning the container label
– or by scanning your receipt (with application)

Why a (free) Mon Étagère consumer application?
Because it’s the surest way to ensure perfect traceability (in the event of a product recall) and to activate your consumers (reward mechanisms for bulk & reuse, commitment to your brand).


Personalize your digital packaging for greater visibility and consumer engagement.

  • Add a product photo and sales pitch, logo and brand commitments.
  • Share a recipe or tutorial for a better consumer experience.
  • Track consultation statistics.

Labeling with GS1 augmented QR

Add a GS1-standard augmented QR code to your product labels to facilitate point-of-sale traceability and connect your Packtic digital packaging.

> Contact us to help you implement the GS1 augmented QR code in our digital packaging.
Enter the new bulk era!

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The benefits


information for consumers


Enhanced consumer experience

Data source

New data sources on the market


reused packaging


Easy to use and autonomous


Quick to set up (Software as a Service)

10,000 products

already listed in our database