“Acting for the planet”

Alexandre Lefebvre – Partner, CTO & Product Owner

Why bulk? 

Because the best waste is the waste we don’t make! Little by little, we’ve created molecules that we can’t control and that we’re releasing back into nature.

For me, bulk is a militant choice.
Maybe also because I have this market culture.

I spent my childhood vacations in Pornic: the baker and the butcher would pass through the village, so we could buy directly from them and not go home with products drowned in plastic. 

And it was my father’s cousin and his wife who started the Naturalia stores: this made me even more aware of the need to buy products without an overabundance of disposable packaging.  

I have this sensation, this feeling that bulk was the norm not so long ago, and so it’s possible that it’s coming back.

Over the last ten years, more and more products have become available , and if you want to change your habits, there’s everything you need to make the switch to bulk. The new containers are stylish, varied and easy to find.

Your bulk ritual?

I draw up a precise shopping list and prepare the appropriate containers. And above all, I check to see if there are enough cookies left in the house! Then, my little pleasure is discovering the new products in the in-store silos…

Your bulk item?

Three years ago, my sister-in-law gave me some small bags made of openwork fabric, with meshes fine enough to hold rice and pasta. I always keep them in the back pocket of my shopping cart.

Why Packtic ?

By conviction. I was familiar with the project, supported by Moonshot Labs where I’ve been working since 2019 as project manager.

I decided to join the team to bring in my technical expertise in customer interfaces and software.
We shared the same values, so much so that I became a partner to get even more involved in the project.

You before Packtic…

I did all my studies in engineering and computer science, my PhD thesis and my Post-Doc in Computer Science. Then I joined the Research and Development at Bull, then at Orange Labs. Collaborative working is part of my DNA.

Then, when I began to tire of too many projects remaining in the research stage and never produced, I changed direction by joining UShareSoft (Moonshot Labs incubator development team) to help project leaders with their digital development.

I’m there as a guide, a facilitator when it comes to create a customized IT platform so that a project becomes concrete.